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Terminator: I'm a friend of Sarah Connor. Can I see her? 
Officer: No, she's making a statement. 
Terminator's brain: Did he just say to go ahead and drive my car through the front door? I think that is what he said...
Newscaster: Police massacre result of totally misinterpreted statement made by one officer to a killer robot.

© Jonathan Kroupa 2015
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Fourth Year

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 09/13/2014

Well, comic posts have become pretty sparse. Granted, I'm not as bad as vgcats, but still not very frequent. I decided awhile ago that Year 3 and Year 4 would be one book, because the number of comics for each of those years is at least half compared to years 1 and 2 individually.

Things I wrote this year (a year being Sep-14 2013 to Sep 13 2014) which were for scifi.stackexchange.com blog:

Of all those, I think the Time-Traveling Robots one is the best one.

Traffic on the site is down, what with the lack of new content.

Top countries for traffic:

  • 80% United States
  • 03% Canada
  • 03% United Kingdom
  • 02% Brazil
  • 01% Australia

Brazil came out of nowhere to push Germany out of the top 5.

For the US breakdown:

  • 33% Utah
  • 09% California
  • 07% Maryland
  • 06% North Dakota
  • 04% Virginia

Most surprising here, North Dakota.

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