Medifast Diet

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 12/04/2011
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The Diet:

Eat the Medifast meal replacements 5 times a day (each around 100 calories) and have low fat / calorie meal, consisting of mostly vegetables and a low-fat protein.

It is not currently possible to buy only 1 week of Medifast food, so I had to purchase 2 weeks worth.

The Experience:

I want you to become familiar with two ingredients: whey protein and soy protein isolate. Medifast believes strongly in these two ingredients, so strongly that they feel it is a good substitute to any and all other ingredients that a recipe might call for.

Going into the diet I knew that some of their "meals" were considered to have poor taste, but I just thought it was the nick pickers who hadn't been dieting for 34 weeks (get hungry enough, and you will eat almost anything). How wrong I was to judge them. The very first item I tried was maple and brown sugar oatmeal. Sounds easy, anyone should be able to get this right. First of all I opened the package expecting to see oatmeal, instead there was nothing but a fine powder (it smelled like protein powder). When I pulled it out of the microwave I noticed two things: that it looked nothing like the image portrayed on the box (i.e. nothing like oatmeal), and that is smelled terrible.

Sometimes things do taste as bad as they smell, like Medifast oatmeal. I wasn't able to finish even the first one, and I threw half of it away. The other Medifast products I had were at least edible. The protein shakes tasted just like you would expect they would, as well as the protein bars. Their brownies have a surprising amount of protein in them, and are way too small to be called a meal replacement, but they taste...okay.

Lets take a trip down memory lane at the origins of the company.

They started out as a protein bar and shake company (the things they actually make well), then they were jealous of Jenny Craig and NutriSystem making actual food and they wanted in on the action. Unfortunately, I believe they forgot that they only really know how to make two things, and just started throwing protein powder into packages and shipping it. A little quality control would have been nice.

So now they have products, and they just need a name, but how do you come up with a name? Here is a transcript from the brainstorming session:

Exec #1 "Ugg, what is this stuff? It is awful."
Exec #2 "That is our "oatmeal" line of products."
Exec #1 "I need a doctor."
Exec #3 "Try this, I think it is Pepto-Bismal."
Exec #1 "Ugg, that isn't Pepto-Bismal, it is our strawberry protein shake."
Exec #3 "Oh yeah, that makes sense."
Exec #1 "The pain, the agony, I need medicine, right now!"
Exec #2 "I've got it! Medifast!"

The Result:

I ended up losing 1.8 pounds this week. Not too shabby, if you want to just pretend this is Slimfast and only buy their protein shakes, you can consume those 4-5 times a day and still get your regular meal. It is basically the same thing.

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