Mostly Juice Diet

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 01/01/2012
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The Diet:

All meals must consist of juice, except for lunch. You can have anything you want for lunch.

The Experience:

The person who suggested the diet to me said it should be freshed squeezed juice, but after my experience on the proper Juice Diet I wasn't too keen on making my own juice.

So I had 48 - 64 ounces of v8 each day, and at least a half a gallon of cranberry juice. Tuesday for lunch i had a chef salad, Wednesday soup and sandwich, Thursday and Friday I also had salads.

With Christmas having been over the weekend I indulged beyond what I should have. Tuesday morning when I weighed myself I was 5 pounds heavier from the previous Thursday. Tuesday evening I participated in Aikido (which bothered my knee) and when I was down I was 6 pounds day in a single day. However one does have rehydrate. Mores the pity.

By Thursday I was down 3 pounds from that, but there was one last Christmas party to attend. The next morning I was back up to 5 pounds over. Of course the New Year's Eve festivities also affected the prospects of losing weight.

I don't think I had ever prune juice before. It has an unappealing taste, though the most disturbing thing about prune juice is that it is thick with a brownish color. It makes one wonder if it changes at all as it passes through your body.

The Result:

I ended up being the same weight I was Tuesday morning when I came back from Christmas. Which means I am 5 pounds up from where I was after the 3 Day Diet. I am back to that weight that I'd been floating around for a couple of months.

I have resolved that at least for January (knee permitting) I will be exercising more and keeping to my diets in a stricter fashion.

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I think you've had a little to much V8. Because your starting to put words in places they don't belong.

Elissa Butcher : Jan 2nd 2012, 21:41

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ChasTura ChasTura : May 21st 2017, 07:19

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