Kosher Diet

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 01/15/2012
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The Diet:

The diet as defined in the Book of Leviticus.

Some highlights:

  • Cannot eat dairy with any meat.
  • Cannot have pork, camel, or horse.
  • Cannot have hard cheeses (they use an enzyme derived from a restricted insect or animal.

The Experience:

Throughout the week I had pita bread with tomato and soft goat cheese on it. Those were pretty good.

I tried to obey the dairy and meat restriction. Kosher Jewish people don't really eat much meat at all. Usually that is only for holidays or special occasions.

It turns out at least where I live it is very difficult to find Kosher foods. It is also somewhat difficult to find information on Kosher foods on the internet. These Jewish people don't like to make things easy. After quite a bit of searching I found some breaded fish filets that were marked with a secret Kosher mark. I ate these for the first part of the week.

By Thursday I had eaten so much pita bread and other things I was sure that no weight would be lost. I began creeping up to 3 pounds over what I had started out as on Sunday. Things were starting to fall apart. By Friday evening I had abandoned all hope of containing my weight and I made some bread pudding with friends that evening.

Saturday I was surprised to wakeup and find myself only .5 pounds over. I went through a p90x video and attended an Aikido class. The excessive aerobic exercise helped contain my weight to the next day.

The Result:

Especially since I basically gave up on any hope of losing weight this week I was surprised to come out the same as a week ago. Thanks to a lot of aerobic exercise I gained no weight. Despite having quite a bit of bread.

The diet is more of a cultural thing than for the purposes of weightloss. Since I am not in an area with a large Jewish community there were not a lot of options for getting authentic Kosher foods. I'm just glad I didn't gain any weight.

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