Revised Rating System

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 07/11/2012
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So I noticed there were only 3 kinds of people who visit the site:

  • people who rate everything a 5 (specifically 3 women )
  • random people who occasionally rate with a 1
  • people who never rate anything (99.9999% of all visitors)

So rather than have that long ugly bar of stars I've reduced it to like or dislike. All previous ratings have been converted. 1s and 2s became dislikes, 4s and 5s became likes, and 3s were deleted.

Also instead of the ugly stars there are now ugly faces. By now it should be obvious I am not an artist.

The top 6 rated comics (with legitimate ratings):

The very first comic has a suspiciously even number of likes and dislikes. Then there is the Timeless comic, which a friend admitted to having rated 50 times in a row. Finally there is the Ron Paul comic, which someone wrote a script to rate positively over 10,000 times. Someday I'll go in and clean those up.

   35 dislikes 35 likes

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