The Dark Knight Rises Review

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 07/21/2012
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This movie is really good. I read a couple of reviews before seeing the movie, and I saw these criticisms of the film.

  • It is hard to understand Bane
  • There are too many subplots going and they can be confusing
  • Batman isn't seen enough

There was only one line (at the very beginning of the movie) where Bane said something that I didn't understand. Admittedly he was on an airplane with the door open, so it was hard to understand everyone.

There are a few subplots going on. For me (as an avid Batman fan) there was nothing going on I couldn't keep track of. A casual Batman fan isn't going to understand the subtle things going on with the introduction of new characters. Since I was in the know, I can't say how distracting that would be to those so called "people." For me, the movie seemed like it would appeal to casual and hardcore alike, but at least for a few critics that was not the case.

This movie about more than just Batman, Bruce Wayne, and Wayne Enterprises. It explorers some other characters and focuses a lot on the chaos that is being introduced Gotham. Batman in his suit isn't on screen a lot. If you want to see Batman on screen a lot, watch the second movie.

Again I'll say the movie was good. I left the theater feeling quite energized, and decided to attend my evening Aikido class. The energy from the movie dissipated fairly quickly, and I ended up getting pretty tired, but it isn't often I leave a movie feeling like that.

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