Another Year Gone By

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 09/13/2012
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Whew. 2 years down, only fifty or so to go.


I wrote 54 blogs in the last year (including this one), which is fewer than the first year. The most popular tags for comics were:

Food and health are obvious, as nearly every comic I made about a diet included both of those tags. Once again I am disappointed to see random so high on the list. This next year I'm going to have to expand my tag list. Then, later, someday, maybe I can afford to hire an unpaid intern to retag all the comics.

I also wrote two books in the last year.


Here are some statistics (which may only be interesting to me). In the last year there were 36,757 unique visitors. Traffic originated from the follow places:

  • 65% Reddit
  • 12% Direct
  • 10% Facebook
  • 06% Misc
  • 04% Google search
  • 02%
  • 01% thewebcomiclist

The misc 6% is scattered through over a hundred various sources: such as blogs, search engines, and random sites.

Notice the difference from last year when 51% of the traffic was from Facebook. This was before I started posting comics to reddit, bearfood, and other places.

For demographics, the top 5 countries to visit my site are:

  • 70% United States
  • 08% Canada
  • 05% United Kingdom
  • 02% Germany
  • 02% Australia

Poor Netherlands went from third place to seventh. Germany had 27 more visitors than Australia, what can I say, the Germans love me inspite of a lack of David Hasslehoff comics. Hey, I made very similar comments about the top five countries last year! Amazing.

For our insider look at the United States the top five are:

  • 14% Utah
  • 12% California
  • 06% New york
  • 06% Texas
  • 04% Viginia

I have family in Utah, California, and Viriginia, so I'm not sure how Texas and New York came out so strong.


I completely forgot today was the anniversary (I thought it was tomorrow or the next day). So there is nothing special about today's comic, other than I made it at 12:10am this morning.

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