Cornbelly's Haunted Maze

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 10/30/2013
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This year was the first time I have ever attend Cornbelly's. Meagan has attended a few years in a row.

They have a regular corn maze, lots of activities for family and kids, and refreshments. They also have a haunted corn maze.


3 stars - There were some pretty decent scares. Meagan was startled at least once and really creeped out a couple of times.


4 stars - The haunted maze in in a corn maze, but you start out in a small house, and then have to go down a dark slide into another area that leads to the maze. They were able to make fog that hug over the maze. It was a very cool effect because you could duck down and kind of see under it. You pass from corn maze to buildings to corn maze. It felt very similar to the level in Left 4 Dead 2


3 stars - They had few enough actors that it didn't seem crowded. That may have been because we were there fairly late in the evening though. Some places once you get to a certain hour half of the actors disappear. As I said before Meagan was able to get scared from the actors a few times. They would suddenly appear out of the fog, or climb out of an artificial well. The corn maze allowed for good opportunities to sneak up on people.


1 star - The wait was the worst part of the experience. On a chilly night we waited for at least 45 minutes before being admitted to the haunted house. Additionally there was nothing to distract you while you waited. There was no show or exhibits to admire.


2 stars - For the long wait the actual experience could have lasted longer. We think it was around 20 minutes for the actual experience.


Our price was pretty good. We were able to get a groupon for Cornbelly's that was $19 for two people with access to all the haunted exhibits (they had a couple more very short ones). At $9.50 a piece this was the most economical haunted house for us this year. You get what you pay for though, a boring long wait for a shorter than desired experience.


It was a good haunted experience. The atmosphere was good and the scares were good. If I were to do it again I'd want to go on a night that wasn't Friday. There were a lot of teenagers in the line. A school night probably would have resulted in a shorter line. Because of our long wait we weren't in the mood for the other two short haunted exhibits. They had an extremely large inflated monster and also a clown house.

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