posted by : Jon Kroupa on 11/22/2010
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For those curious the inspiration for the artistic style of the comic was almost entirely from the sillies on Ctrl-Alt-Del Online.

Of course since I am an extremely poor artist I can get away with even less detail. His characters have actually developed more detail over time (so have mine, observe the mouths) such as permanent arms and what not.

The idea of two characters in a back and forth dialogue of comedy appealed to me, because it was simple. I can't be burdened with such extras as back grounds, clothing, limbs, hair, or expressions.

As the Making Comics post says I originally made 'Guy' for a photo directory of church members. The member in question refused to pose for a photo, so I used my greatest imagination and skill to create a likeness of him.

Now I have a stock collection of positions and expressions so I can quickly cut and paste in characters and then add their comments. I hope that the real creativity is in the words and not the drawings.

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