Facebook Week Two

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 12/14/2010
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After using Facebook for little over a week I have decided that Facebook has an unquenchable appetite for friends, and it will never be satisfied. I presently have 73 "friends" (my definition of a friend being significantly higher than Facebook's) but on every page the site is trying to get me to add more.

Any person that is cross-linked between two of my friends is absurdly assumed to also be my friend. Even though I originally used my email accounts to find friends the site wants me to do it again and again, as if I'm gaining email contacts as quickly as I'm friending people on Facebook.

I never saw The Social Network, which I heard was good, but I imagine the inventor of Facebook to be portrayed as a desperate friendless nerd, who sees the number of friends you have as a measure of coolness (ALA Michael Scott ). This would explain Facebook's obsession with constantly growing the friend list. I suspect if I had 10,000 people linked to my account Facebook would continue to be just as relentless in its thirst for more connections.

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