A Lot Of Gals

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 01/27/2011
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Gal has been in a lot of comics lately. My friend Justin made the comment "seems you have something about wanting to make a girl hate you." I explained each comic was about a different girl and besides, women seem to hate me anyways, it isn't like I have to go out of my way to facilitate that.

Like most comics these were conversations where I happened to interject a funny punchline, and I immediately decided they should become comics. Some of the easiest jokes are just making a little fun of a slip of the tongue. Having grown up in a family of scrutiny, this comes naturally.

None of the women who were featured in the last couple of weeks have expressed unhappiness about being in a comic, even though I am poking a little fun at each of them.

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A "family of scrutiny?" Who? Us???? :)

Susan Kroupa : Jan 27th 2011, 14:02

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