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posted by : Jon Kroupa on 02/13/2011
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I created an official Facebook page. It is called At Wit's End Comics, if you can believe that. This is probably what I should have originally done, since all Facebook accounts are supposed to be people, and not businesses or non-humans.

From the beginning when I created my Facebook account I've always displayed my name as "At Wit's End Comics." This has generated an enormous amount of confusion for friends and family alike, as they have no idea who that is. Subsequently I've discovered that some people mark my friend requests as spam, and yesterday Facebook informed me that I was banned from friending people for 2 days because of complaints.

I think it is interesting that Facebook has banned me from "spamming" people with requests, and yet Facebook itself relentlessly tries to push online dating sites at me. About twenty seconds after I created my account I started flagging all dating site ads as offensive, because I foolishly believed Facebook would eventually stop sending them to me. Alias months of flagging ads has netted me nothing, and in fact things have taken a turn for the worse, as now Facebook sends me ads which actually ARE more offensive than the original ones were.

But I digress; the new official page will probably become the source of the wall posts which share comics and new posts. I hope everyone who likes the comic and routinely follows it will add the page in your likes, so you can see the daily posts come to your feed. Unlike the History page and others, the maximum number of posts you might see in a day is two, either a comic and / or a blog post.

The Facebook link at the bottom of every page has been updated to point to the new page, which is At Wit's End Comics.

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