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posted by : Jon Kroupa on 02/20/2011
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For some time now I've been thinking about making the more popular topics (mainly dating, politics, and dentistry) regular weekly comics. So for the next month or so I am going to try it out. Fridays will be comics relating to dating, Saturdays will be comics relating to politics, and Mondays will be about dentistry. The remaining 3 days (I no longer post comics on Sundays) will either be story arcs or random comics that don't overlap the set topics.

Spreading them out once a week will be a nice break. I think I probably killed half of my readership with a weeklong series of travel comics. And given the general lack of enthusiasm for those comics, while I will occasionally make comics about my vacation experiences, they will not be a regular theme. The travel photo section should placate those who would like additional travel stories.

Not only the readers get to benefit though, I get to benefit too! Making several dating comics and spreading them out weeks in advance means I only need to come up with five comics each week for the next month. Having the three random days in the middle will mean I still have plenty of freedom to insert or delay certain comics. If anyone ever bothered to look at the filenames of the images they would see the comics are often not released by order of creation. Sometimes I'll push comics back to make room for a more relevant one at the time. Every once in a while I will remove a comic so that it never gets published.

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