posted by : Jon Kroupa on 04/13/2011
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I like trivia games, I like Scene It, Trival Pursuit, and others. But it is generally accepted that a trivia game can take quite a long time to complete. I've seen Trivial Pursuit games take as long as four hours. This is even with the in-house rule that you can steal pie pieces from others if you answer a question on the same space as them.

Bezzerwizzer is a solution for people who like trivia games but whose time is more valuable than linux users'. At the start of each round you draw four of twenty possible categories. But don't fret, if you get a bad category you'll have an opportunity to steal someone else's and give them yours. You can also try to answer questions that other people are asked, if you opt in.

This makes the game go quickly enough that you can easily finish in less than an hour. I received this game for my birthday and we were able to play three full games in roughly two and a half hours.

The two main features of swapping categories and answering other people's questions were the primary requirements of the creator. He also made a great decision in creating twenty categories, which gives a lot of variety to the game unlike games like Trivia Pursuit, where you dread maybe a third or half of the categories. The rules are simple and broad enough to make the game enjoyable without the need for modification.

With four people you'll use roughly a third of the deck of cards to complete a game, but since their are twenty questions per card it is very unlikely you'll see the same questions often (unlike Battle of the Sexes). It was just bad luck that on our third game of the night we happened to get exactly the same question as the first question from the first game. But we easily skipped to the next card and resumed play.

If you are looking for a great trivia game which will only take up the whole night if you want it to then Bezzerwizzer is a great choice.*

*I received no money for this endorsement, which is kind of sad.

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