Off The Sugar Smack

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 04/10/2011
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Since the previous week when I was pretending to be a celiac I gorged myself on candy in place of gluten, I decided this week I would switch the roles and pound some bread while avoiding sugary things.

The Diet:

Avoid food with lots of sugar or any high fructose corn syrup.

The Experience:

I gave up candy, desserts, and anything with high fructose corn syrup (which included fat free Yoplait). Other than the headaches I received, as I came down from the blissful sugar high that I have maintained for most of my life, it wasn't a very eventful experience.

Giving up desserts is harder than one might think at my job because essentially any meeting larger than a few people will have food at it. The "food" is typically cookies or some type of cake. If there is an alternative choice, such as a vegetable platter, it is usually quite small compared to the other things offered.

I'm putting this article here for completeness as I move from diet to diet each week.

PostScript: Although I wasn't yet keeping track of my weight on a daily basis, extrapolating backwards from later weeks I had lost between 2-3 pounds at this point on account of diet change.

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