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posted by : Jon Kroupa on 06/09/2011
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Some of you may have noticed there are no more comics about dentists. Originally I thought to myself "hey, trips to the dentist can be bad, and that ccould be funny to other people." As the first person to ever think of this, I am a comedic genius. Anyways I ran out of dentist stories a couple of months ago, so now the Monday comics are related to the diet of week.

Saturdays were political comics day, but even when I'm reading 5-10 articles a day, it isn't easy to come up with meaningful jokes. This is true of other topics, but the political comics are also more of the here and now things. Will they still be funny in a year when people have forgotten the event it refers to? Probably not. Other comics are more timeless:

Incidentally, a friend of mine went ahead and rated that comic 5 stars 50 times in a row. He literally sat there and clicked refresh and the fifth star 50 times. For now you can rate a comic more than once, someday I might go through and remove all the non-distinct ratings (I track the OS and IP of ratings, in case of abuse).


Most posts have a comic imbedded in them, in fact this has become so regular that when I see posts that don't have a comic I feel like they are lacking. I try to make the post relevant in some way to a comic.

Sunday posts are always about the diet of the week, and I like to sneak a preview (as in the whole thing) of Monday's comic in there. So if you read the posts you will get a comic on Sunday, but nothing new on Monday. If you don't read the posts you can continue to be disappointed that I don't post comics on Sundays.

When viewing a blog post it is now possible to easily move to the next or previous posts at the bottom of the page. It was somewhat of a burden if you wanted to read a few of them to keep going back to the master list. Posts are now tagged the months are collapsed in the view all page. I am a little surprised how quickly they add up when you are writing a couple posts every week (surprisingly, this adds roughly 2 per week to the total, quickly).


In the 4 months that I have been tracking statistics one thing has become clear. People love antelope puns. This is by far the number one search result that generates a click on my site, thanks to Puns Glorious Puns. All of the diet fads have also helped random searchers landing on my page, I've had a few hits from people searching the fall of the food pyramid, calorie counting, and low carb diets.

Also since I started tracking At Wit's End Comics has been viewed in 45 countries. That may sound impressive, until you learn that 24 of those countries have only viewed it once or twice. Top 5 rankings are:

  1. USA (by a huge huge margin)
  2. Canada
  3. Germany
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Brazil

I wonder if I wrote a couple of posts and comics about David Hasslehoff if I could significantly improve Germany's position.

Inside the USA there top 5 states are:

  1. Utah (by another huge margin)
  2. California
  3. Colorado
  4. Virginia
  5. Texas

I have family in California and Virginia, which is why those are up there. I am not aware of actually knowing anyone who lives in either Colorado or Texas, but I appreciate them following the site.

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