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posted by : Jon Kroupa on 06/12/2011
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This last week I tried the Suzanne Somers diet.

The Diet:

This diet is all about combinations of foods. Here is the basic run down.

  • Proteins can be eaten with fats and vegetables
  • Carbohydrates (whole grains) can only be eaten with vegetables
  • Fruit must be eaten alone on an empty stomach

Meals are supposed to be three hours apart, which can make you feel a little bit hungry, I routinely found myself watching the clock.

The Experience:

Most days I had some fruit for breakfast, either apple sauce, oranges, or bananas (or a combo of those). For lunch I usually had a chef salad with ham and turkey. That salad comes with a roll, so I would wait 3 hours and then eat my roll as a mid-day snack. For dinner I would have something like chicken and broccoli, or some other meat / vegetable combo.

The Result:

I wasn't too happy with diet, I felt like the combination restrictions were a little difficult. For instance, I wasn't able to come up with a good idea for carb / vegetable combos, so I usually had a small roll or nothing. I only lost 1 pound this week, which makes me wonder if it was due to a decline in exercise or if I've approaching another weight loss plateau.

Suzanne Somers was quite famous before I was born. Her diet has good name recognition, but in a recent US News diet review result, she wasn't even mentioned. I know some people have had success with this program, but I'll continue looking for something better.

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