Kneel Before Zod

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 06/15/2011
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Apparently I decided that any two comics that run in series that are on the same topic should be a story arc, so there.

A few years ago my friend Justin bought a Roomba off Since it arrived at work we decided to try it out there. It wasn't long before we discovered that while the Roomba is a nice novelty, it isn't a great vacuum.

Right now I could take a baseball bat to my car and the only consequences would be that I would have a damaged car. If I wanted to still drive it I could, provided I didn't smash anything that is required to make it operate or street legal.

Fast forward to the future, what if robots were able to walk and talk? (The Walkie Talkie is on the brink of this breakthrough) They are still just machines that perform functions. While it might be gratifying to punch Watson in the face for being really good at Jeopardy, it probably won't learn its lesson. Instead society at large is taught that you have an abusive personality which may ruin your life and others.

If people are going to abuse robots, maybe we should make the robots able to fight back, to defend themselves. I'm pretty sure no one has ever considered the idea of slaves turning on their masters, certainly not robot ones.

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Wait a second. . .I seem to have seen a movie trailer about fighting robots. . .

David Kroupa : Jun 19th 2011, 22:48

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