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posted by : Jon Kroupa on 09/04/2011
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I think most people are familiar with Jared Fogle and his rise to stardom after eating himself thin.

The Diet:

There is no official Subway diet, just general guidelines that say eating fewer calories and exercising is better than not doing those things.

Some websites loosely define the diet as:

  • A low-fat breakfast
  • A 6" sub (less than 300 calories) with baked chips
  • A 12" sub (less than 700 calories)

The Experience:

I started off the week having a simple breakfast of cheese and/or fruit, for lunch I would have a 6" sub, typically ham with lettuce, tomato, green pepper, olives, and mustard. This was estimated to be 295 calories. For dinner I would have a chicken breast footlong sub with the same veggies and honey mustard sauce, which I estimated to be about 650 calories. I would also snack on fruit or vegetables during the day. I would also have some sugar free jello.

Monday and Tuesday my calories were around 1500 per day. Wednesday I started off the same, but in the evening I was invited to my friend Justin's house for steak. Justin had decided this week to only eat food from animal products meaning: meat, eggs, milk, and cheese. He cooked what was literally a 4+ pound steak, and we each ate quite a bit of it. I imagine I had at least 1.5 pounds of steak. Due to that I did not have a Subway sandwich that evening.

Thursday I skipped breakfast and came to work quite hungry, I had a few pieces of fruit and when lunchtime rolled around I decided I was so hungry I would have my footlong now instead of waiting for dinner. I also went by the store to get some more fruit and V8 to have, a couple of low calorie protein bars. I ate all of those in the afternoon, as I was still famished. That evening I had another footlong, stopped by the store again to get some suger free jello and some Atkins low calorie snacks, and ended up eating quite of few of them as well. All told I had at least 2600 calories on Wednesday, and I was 4 pounds heavier in the evening than I had been in the morning.

Friday, because of the class I teach, I didn't have time to get a proper Subway sandwich, so I had a Tuskan wrap from the deli. In the evening I had my footlong, and I also indulged on some semi-sweet chocolate chips. Saturday I walked up to Subway and had a 6" flatbreak ham, egg, and cheese sandwich. I had a date in the afternoon so I had a low calorie meal from the Olive Garden. As we have learned previously it is not wise to take your diets with you on dates. In the evening I met up with a friend and had dinner with him at Chilis.

Things definitely fell apartment for me on this diet as the week went on. Part of this is something I have noticed several times over the many weeks. When you start to get into the week and you haven't noticed any progress, a feeling of defeat can come over you. Why keep starving if nothing is being gained?

The Result:

I gained back 2 pounds this week, quite possibly due to Thursday and Saturday reversing any progress that might have been made. I have been exercising more recently, 2 weeks ago I started doing pushups in the morning. I started that Monday with 30 and have added 5 each day. By this last Saturday I completed 85 pushups, of which I was able to do 60 continuously. I definitely wasn't able to do that many continuously 2 weeks ago. So maybe I've gained a little muscle in the last couple of weeks. I would not suggest that I gained 2 pounds of it, but perhaps it has become a slight variable in my weightloss efforts.

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