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Guy: So what's your end goal for fitness?
Tie: I want to look like the guy from that movie Thor.
Guy: Chris Hemsworth spent months on a special diet and exercise to get that fit.
Tie: I was talking about the dwarf.

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Thor's Diet

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 07/15/2012

A lot of people were impressed with the way Chris Hemsworth looked in the movie Thor. So I set out to try the diet he used to prepare for that role in the movie.

The Diet:

Details on the internet are a little sketchy, except to say he had a lot of protein shakes, had chicken and a carbobydrate for lunch, and chicken and broccoli for dinner. Chris Hemsworth is quoted as saying he ate lots and lots of chickens.

This is how I applied the diet. For breakfast I had a protein shake with milk (usually 2%). I would have chicken with vegetables and a carbohydrate for lunch, workout in the early evening, and have chicken and broccoli for dinner.

Additionally, I tried to get my hands on some Golden Apples of Idunn. These are usually only found in the magical realm of Asgard though.

The Experience:

That's a lot of chicken, and chicken gets pretty old. In fact the entire diet is extremely monotonous. The 4 Hour Body Diet said this is actually a good thing. You don't want your body second guessing what you are eating. Well that is all good and well, except your brain and tastebuds will start to rebel.

  • Monday

    • Lunch - Chicken and white rice bowl with steamed vegetables
    • Workout - 45 minutes of weight lifting followed by 3.1 mile jog
    • Dinner - Chicken and broccoli
  • Tuesday

    • Lunch - Chicken and white rice bowl with steamed vegetables
    • Workout - 3.1 mile jog followed by 90 minutes of Aikido
    • Dinner - Chicken and broccoli
  • Wednesday

    • Lunch - Grilled chicken breast and thigh with green beans and yukon potato
    • Workout - 40 minutes of weight lifiting and 20 minutes of elliptical
    • Dinner - Cheese smoothered chicken with steamed broccoli
    • Later in the evening I had a few handfuls of jelly bellies, some small chocolate cookies, and some cherries at a party
  • Thursday

    • Lunch - Chicken and white rice bowl with steamed vegetables
    • Workout - 25 minutes of pushups, pullups, and ab exercises followed by 90 minutes of Aikido
    • Dinner - Chicken breast with steamed broccoli
  • Friday

    • Lunch - Chef salad with turkey, ham, and ranch dressing
    • Workout - Teaching 2 hour Aikido class
    • Dinner - Burger King #1 combo meal (Whopper, small fries, small drink (root beer))
    • Later I went to a birthday party where I had chocolate cake and brownies
  • Saturday

    • Lunch - Doritos, Dark chocolate chips and milk, and one pint of Artic Zero 150 Calorie "ice cream"
    • Workout - 60 minute Aikido class followed by 4.23 mile jog
    • Dinner - Chicken with jasmine rice

By the time Friday rolled around I was really tired of eating chicken. I wasn't exactly sad to have the power go out just as I was ready to cook dinner. I originally wanted to go to a place which would have chicken, but my brother talked me into Burger King.

The Result:

Sunday I weighed 189. That is actually 1-2 pounds less than I was the 3 weeks I was on the Low Carb Diet. I don't know if that has to do with anything though. My weight was pretty stable at 190-191 on low carb, it is likely just a fluke that it would be less this morning.

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