88 Cents


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Guy: There is something strange going on with the prices at Walmart. 
Many of the items are $0.88, $1.88, or $2.88. 
Tie: They seem to have an unhealthy fascination with 88 cents. 
Guy: I also refuse to believe a can of anything always comes out to $0.88.

© Jonathan Kroupa
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Walmart Tirade

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 11/12/2010

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I haven't liked Walmart for a number of years. I feel like it is dirty, disorganized, and always always crowded. I essentially stopped going to Walmart a few years ago when I had to wait 30 minutes in line to checkout.

Every once in a while I have to go to Walmart. Sometimes that is because the people I am with go there, other times it is the only reasonable option. It is never a good experience.

I am not sure if Walmart actually lost something over the years or if they ultimately just decided to stop pretending they had quality, but I do feel the quality is lacking.

Some of my friends love the prices. They say there is no where else you can get items for so cheap. I personally find something curious about how many items have the exact same price (particulary in the grocery section).

I myself am willing to pay slightly more (and I do mean slightly, like $0.12 more) to have a better grocery experience in a less crowded environment.

There is no question that Walmart is the market leader in their field. The best evidence for this is they inclusion in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which has the leaders in each respective industry. But if you look at the other companies on that index you see a lot that people generally don't like, or have many complaints. I guess you can't make it to the top without getting a lot of enemies.

One side note, I think it is odd that things like Wikipedia say "Wal-Mart" with a hyphen, but their website (and logo on the website) of walmart.com are without the hyphen. I am not sure which is correct. For the comics I just checked their website so I omitted the hyphen.

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