One Year Ago

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 09/13/2011

According to the creation date on comic 01.png, I made my first comic on September 13th 2010. If you look at the archive it says this comic is dated September 15th 2010. I believe this is because I made the comic and didn't have a way to deliver it until a couple of days later. I also originally would post 3-5 comics on a single day, this meant there were long pauses between posts, and the site was confused about which comic came "next" when sorting by date. In order to fix this I spread the comics out over multiple days, even though they weren't originally released like that.


I've written 71 blog posts (including this one) in the last year. Of which 25 were related to dieting, 11 were related to comic story arcs, and the rest were spread out amongst games, companies, and articles about the site.

Of the 330 odd comics created, the 5 most used tags are:

  1. Food
  2. Storyarc
  3. Dating
  4. Random
  5. Science

Based on my survey of one person, the dating comics are considered to be the most popular. This poll has an error of +/- 100%. Random shouldn't be so prevalant, particularly since some of those comics have the random tag in addition to other tags. Random should stand on its own.


The comic may have been going for a year, but I've only been tracking statistics since January 26th 2011.

Traffic is broken down as:

  • 51% Facebook
  • 30% Direct
  • 8% Misc
  • 6% TheWebComicList
  • 5% Search Engines

Misc is random links that drive traffic, such as when I make comments on or people's blogs.

84% of search engine traffic is from Google. Most popular search terms are:

  • 30% Antelope Puns
  • 9% At Wit's End Comics
  • 6% Jonathan Kroupa (or some variant)

The balance of the keywords is a mixture of random things from the site having to do with diets, ninja warrior, games, and dating. People will often find my site by looking for some specific type of comic based on a subject. Overall, I'm glad that I continue to command the #1 spot for searches relating to antelope puns.

In June, 45 countries had visited my site at least once, that has now increased to 56. The new top 5 list is:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. Netherlands
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Germany

Poor Germany slipped from 3rd place to 5th. That is probably because I never got around to making comics about David Hasslehoff. The Netherlands came out of no where (possibly Neverland) to spring into third place (they were previously in 8th).

The state breakdown remained the same for the top 5:

  1. Utah
  2. California
  3. Colorado
  4. Virginia
  5. Texas

I am still curious as to who in Texas and Colorado is reading my comics.

The Punchlines

Occasionally I write punchlines which I think are funny, but I am unable to come up with a leading joke. I guess in that sense it isn't technically a punchline so much as a funny sentence. I started to save these on the off chance that I ever came up with a decent joke, but eventually just decided it might be funny to deliver punchline after punchline without a build up. Only time will tell. Today seemed a fitting day to deliver them in mass, one every 4 hours.