Words Of Wisdom

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 10/09/2011

The Diet:

The basic idea of the diet can be see in the Doctrines and Covenants section 89, unfortunately this description is a little bit vague. I found an article on the lds.org website which went into greater detail about how the diet might be applied: [The Do’s in the Word of Wisdom](http://lds.org/ensign/1977/04/the-dos-in-the-word-of-wisdom?lang=eng.

This article essentiallys states that grain, fruits, and vegetables are the basic necessities of life. That meat should be eaten sparingly, but not only in times of famine.

In order to apply this diet I decided I would eat more grains (particularly oats and wheat), plenty of fruits and vegetables, and only consume meat once a day in a small portion.

The Experience:

At the beginning of the week I made some whole wheat bread, but that only lasted me 2 days (it was too delicious to pass up). Most mornings I skipped breakfast. For lunch I either had chef salad (which has a little turkey and ham) or soup and a sandwich (tuna one day, ham another).

For dinner each night I had a large bowl of oatmeal with a little bit of brown sugar added (and I do mean a little bit). I'd also sometimes have a little cheese. Throughout the day I'd snack on either vegetables or fruits. I also occasionally snacked on semi-sweet chocolate chips, which used to taste pretty good to me, but lately have seemed extremely bitter and unenjoyable.

As far as exercise I increased my activity somewhat this week. Monday I played Ultimate Frisbee, Tuesday I went to an Aikido class, Wednesday I lifted weights and jogged, Thursday I lifted weights and attended an Aikdio class, Friday I taught a class and went to another one. When I was lifting weights I did more reps and exercises and became a little sore from it.

The Result:

I ended up gaining 2 pounds back from the previous week, this is not too surprising considering I consumed bread. As I've observed in the past, it seems that anytime I have bread I gain weight that week.