Fork it Diet

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 11/13/2011

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The Diet:

Eat a hearty breakfast, a decent lunch, and a small dinner. It is the king, prince, pauper meal system.

From the website:

Dinner should be a one-course meal of fish with vegetables or starches, with no dessert. Vegetables are a must at this meal.

The Experience:

The Fork Diet is supposed to be the secret to how French women are (reputably) so thin. I'm sure it has nothing to with how Europeans smoke 8 packs of cigarettes a day. As a person who is secretly a French woman, this has always been a dream of mine (the thinness, not the chain smoking).

When I described the diet to others they immediately tried pick it apart. "I can use the edge of my fork to cut all kinds of things" and "I can tear a t-bone with my teeth" or even "I can stab a fork into an arm and enjoy the taste of the most dangerous animal of all, man." I tried to remind them the purpose of the diet isn't to find ways to cheat it, after all, this isn't the Junk Food Diet.

Almost every morning I had a little yogurt with fruit, a fairly large lunch, and a small dinner (salmon and something on the side).

This diet was pretty easy to follow. Tuesday my work got us pizza for lunch. Even though I had the veggie supreme, I still had 4 pieces, which was a lot. To make up for it I didn't have dinner that night.

I was hungry in the evenings sometimes after such a small dinner. To combat this I would have a little low-sodium v8. The terrible taste helps you to forget you were hungry once.

I didn't lift weights this week on account of an elbow injury, but I tried to do some extra things to make up for.

The Result:

Initially my weight went up, but it started to come down again. By Saturday I was back down to where I had started at the beginning of the week. I think this is a good diet for keeping the weight off. I might have even lost half a pound, had I not cracked at the 11th hour (literally) and had some cookies Saturday night.

Several people commented it was the healthiest sounding diet I've done yet, which means I'll have to come up with something really crazy for the next one.

Thanks for the laugh, low sodium V8 is the worst.

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