The First Comic

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 03/31/2012

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September 2010 was not my first attempt at making comics. Back when I was in the 7th grade (1993ish) myself and some friends would draw rudimentary comics during the lunch break before our English class. The Escaped Mental Patient was perhaps the first such comic I drew (the version on display is a reproduction created circa 2008, which I found on my computer). It was also the most popular of any I drew, or that others drew. The original versions said "splat" instead of "thud."

Back then there were a number of characers, EMP, old man, and the chainsaw people (people weilding chainsaws). Most of the comics ended in violent tragic deaths (the characters, not the comics themselves).

But even this doesn't represent my first efforts to tell stories with poorly drawn characters. At one time I created a couple of comic books (roughly 8-12 pages each) titled The War of the Robots and the inevitable sequel The War of the Robots 2. These amazing books chronicled a bitter struggle between two groups of autonomous machines which all looked very similar to each other. As I recall the books were not too concerned with backstory or plot (the reader was assumed to already be well versed in the conflict of the two robot factions) and just got into the meat of some of the major battles, in which many of the robots were destroyed. These were epic books, and I actually think I still have one of them somewhere.

So there you have it. The At Wit's End Comics you see today is really just the continuation of a lifetime of comicing (made up verb). Now it has just been refined to have none of the original violence.