posted by : Jon Kroupa on 11/24/2010

Guy - Guy is the one who typically has the last word. He has my sarcasm, cynicism, and skepticism.

Tie - Tie is sort of like the catalyst, he is often the one who brings up a topic and he often misinterprets something or has a wild opinion.

I have noticed that occasionally I have reversed Guy and Tie's roles, or used Guy as the catalyst for something Nerd says. I think this is because in the beginning I didn't have a clear vision of the character and their roles.. This happens a lot of TV shows, the best example is Kelly from The Office, in the first season she is quiet and reclusive, later she becomes hypher and ditzy.

Nerd - Nerd is the scientific / doctor type. He views the world in a much more black and white sense.

On a humorous note. When I first started the comic people had a tendency to read the comics in reverse order (newest to oldest). Guy and Tie are the two most prominent characters, as my friend Justin was reading them he suddenly exclaimed "Who is this new Nerd person? [I think he started at Candy Corn] I didn't feel there was enough character development of Tie guy and No-Tie guy."

Hillbilly - Hillbilly is around for whenever I need a really stupid, gullible, or superstitious person. Deric, who I made the original Guy for sometimes will suck on grass or wheat, so I decided to make a version where he looked white trash.

Gal - Gal is around for whenever I need a female character. Unlike the other characters she does not represent a portion of my personality.

Alien - I'm not too sure how regular Alien will be. I did think of at least one more comic for him that I may do, but I can't imagine him being a regular character. I also don't want to be like so many comics that has the one 'mythical' character.