Facebooking Fool

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 12/10/2010

Astute followers of the website (all zero of them) will notice little facebook and twitter icons at the bottom of the page. I have long been opposed to making a Facebook account. I tried MySpace a long long time ago and I didn't like it and ultimately decided that the social networking site scene wasn't for me. Unfortunately the rest of the world has been seduced by the promises and lies of Facebook.

Recently I found out that many secrets were being passed between family members, and only the elite members of Facebook were privy to them. I am opposed to the segregated nature of Facebook, but I still wanted to know these shrouded truths that were being passed in the dark corners of the internet.

So I decided to create a Facebook account for the web comic. The purpose is to facilitate the proliferation of the comic so that people are aware of new posts (essentially every day). I also decided to create a twitter account to also try and get a sense of the comic following. These two sites will be used as a metric to see if people actually want to read my comics.

In the few days I have been using Facebook I have discovered a couple of things. Facebook seems to put a lot of emphasis on the most insignificant changes. I am still in the process of tweaking my profile with information and security so that everyone will see something, but some more than others. So I might decide not to share my employer with the wide world. If I delete it there is instantly a little thing on my wall saying "At Wit's End Comics changed his employer." This doesn't seem all that news worthy to me, particularly since the change was it got removed.

Another thing I've noticed is once the initial flurry of activity happens, such as building the initial friend list, not a lot happens on Facebook. Other than the secrets I now have access to, there really isn't a lot to offer. I wonder how it is people spend all day on Facebook, are they just counting the seconds until the next update? I guess if you were linked to hundreds of peoples' statuses they might come in at a constant rate, but wouldn't that seem like a lot of noise?

You can friend me on Facebook if you want, if your definition of a friend is slightly above this:

My Facebook account is just so I can have access to other people's accounts, and so people can be reminded of my comic and posts. If you want to be reminded outside of Facebook you can subscribe to my Twitter feed, or just frequent the website.

I forgot to mention I am considering integrating Facebook with this site, so if you are logged into Facebook you can leave a comment without having to create yet another worthless account on some obscure site.

Jon Kroupa : Dec 10th 2010, 09:57

The only think I seem to be able to get working is the share button. So for now you can share a strip or post on Facebook.

Jon Kroupa : Dec 31st 2010, 10:32