Website Improvements

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 01/30/2011

I've been making a few improvements to the website lately.


No longer will people be forced to see 100+ comics on a super tall webpage with nothing but a cryptic title to locate things. Comics are now broken down by months and hidden until revealed. There is also a search option that will search the titles and the text inside each comic. Based on my limited testing and superior knowledge of the comics the new system works perfectly.


Comments are no longer automatically displayed, but there is a link which will reveal them through the magic of ajax. I decided some of the comments are distracting, and several websites that I frequent don't display the comments automatically, but only after you opt into seeing them (by clicking on a link). So I decided to follow suit.

Also now when you login it will not take you back to the home page, but will keep you at the location you decided to login from.


There is a sorry excuse for a Links page with all of three links on it. Two of them are requirements for online comic listing sites, the other one just goes to Amazon using my associate tag. I can imagine a time where this page will one day be full of meaningful links, but for now it is just empty and sad, much like a house would be if I bought one.

Auto Posts

I finally engineered a way to automatically post to facebook and twitter with the daily comic and post (when available). Comics will post at 8:00am (although they are available on the website at midnight) and posts will probably display at noon. This is all mountain time, if you live in another time zone you may as well live on the moon.


For some reason I have procastinated on getting tracking onto the site, but I've finally configured Google Analystics to measure traffic to the site. This works by using javascript. Remember when people used to disable javascript? Crazy times, the internet couldn't possibly function for those people anymore. Anyways, now I can monitor your every move on the website, hopefully someday this will manifest itself for some diabolical purpose.