Fishing For Ideas

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 03/20/2011

I'm looking for some comic ideas. If you have some short stories that you think are funny and would like to see become comics please send them to me. They can be mostly about anything, bearing in mind that I don't like jokes of a sexual nature.

You can email the ideas to

Here is an example that illustrates a short story with comedic appeal:

< Leif once went on a date to a rock climbing facility, when he reached the top he said "Belay On!" and his date said "Okay", Leif kicked off away from the wall and then proceeded to fall 20 or so feet and landed on his back. The belay was not on.

If you did serial comics Leif could do some witty hospital scenes while recovering in a body cast and dealing with various obnoxious visitors to his bed side.

David Gilchrist : Mar 24th 2011, 08:48

That Leif story still makes me laugh. Of course at first I thought he was dead. But then when I saw that he was okay it was funny.

David Kroupa : Mar 29th 2011, 21:38