Website Statistics

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 03/19/2011

I started using Google Analytics on January 26th. The website averages roughly 40 visits a day (Sundays usually only have about 15). The most visited day was the second day I started tracking, with the comic Political Views. The 2nd most was when I did the Movie B.S. midday comic, which increased traffic for that day by 75%. This makes me think I should sellout more often.

Google Analytics gives tons of interesting information, such as map breakdowns that show exactly where all your traffic is coming from.

It is pretty interesting to see all the random countries that have visited my site. Granted most of them are only 1-2 visits. Germany and Canada stand out as they each have 15 and 18, respectably. If this trend continues I will have to conclude that Germans love At Wit's End Comics almost as much as David Hasslehoff.

Since introducing the tag system someone (or people) have been hitting the tags and looking at all the comic of that topic, so it is cool that this totally unrequested feature has been used (unlike the random feature, which was lobbied for, and remains untouched).

The last statistic I would like to share is the source of traffic.

  1. 65% Facebook
  2. 26% Direct
  3. 4.5% The Web Comic List
  4. 2.6%
  5. 1.1% Misc
  6. 0.8% Google Search

Direct means people who just type in the URL (or use a shortcut). Misc are the combined referrals from Twitter,, and All of the mail referrals don't really make sense to me, since I don't send emails to people referring comics, maybe other people do though. Registering with The Web Comic List has been a surprising boon too, although no one has marked the comic as a "favorite" on the site.