Abysmal August

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 08/31/2011

August was not a good month for diet and exercise. Not only did I have a family reunion in the second week, but overall my exercise was significantly down from previous months.

My weight fluxuated each week as follows:

  • +2
  • +5
  • -9.2
  • +1.4
  • +2

That is an increase of 1.2 pounds over the entire month of August from where I was on July 31st. Granted, that lasy July week was Jenny Craig in which I had lost 3 pounds but was clearly just starving with an empty stomach.

Based on August I've decided to only pursue a few more diets and then attempt to maintain my weight where it is. I managed to get below my original target weight of 185, and I can now fit into pants with a 2 inch smaller waist than I could before. Although I still have some lingering stomach fat, it might not be possible to completely eliminate it, and I need to start thinking about maintaining what I've achieved.