Valentine's Day

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 02/14/2012
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In honor of what some call the worst conceived holiday of all time I've decided to have a special run of dating comics which will last through Friday. Dating comics are sometimes well received on this site. At other times they are met with hostility.

I think most men generally don't like Valentine's Day if they are in a relationship (outside of a relationship the holiday passes unnoticed). This is because women can sometimes have unrealistic exceptions for the holiday. While the man thinks a nice dinner or a small gift is appropriate, the woman may have been expecting a surprise trip to Paris. Jewelry is always the wrong style, too cheap, or too expensive to appease the woman. Flowers wilt and die (unless you buy fake ones, in which you become a cheap skate). There is basically no way to win.

Maybe there are some generalizations here, who knows. The only thing I can say definitively is that the safest strategy is to have a fight with your significant other a day or two before Valentine's Day and make up after it is over. This way the obligation to do some extraordinary thing which you could only accomplish if you were psychic might be forgotten. Sure you run the risk of a breakup, but is that worse than a failed Valentine's Day?

Okay, good luck with that. I'm looking forward to the dating comics thou and am not in another way.

Elissa Butcher : Feb 14th, 18:14

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