The Sound

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 12/24/2012
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The sound pierced his slumber. He was so tired he couldn't think straight. Did he imagine it?


His head foggy, he tried to open his eyes. Darkness, It was the middle of the night. His eyes couldn't focus.


The horrible sound was getting louder, closer. In his inhibited state it sounded like the screeching of metal combined with the wails of a wounded animal.


The sound was just outside his door. His heart started to race. The weariness faded away as the adrenalin starting pumping through his body. There was something just outside his door. Some horrible monster, a combination of steel and man eating flesh.

The door handle started to jiggle. He pushed himself against the wall, waiting for the inevitable. The door opened.


Light and a silhouette came through the door towards him at a running pace. The form leapt up onto the bed.

“Oh thank you, thank you daddy.” His sound wrapped his arms around him as he also clutched his new cherished toy. A large orange ray gun, complete with sound effects.

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