The Fairy Tale

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 02/21/2013
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The fairy tale comics resulted from playing the game Werewolf. As I understand the game there are five or more roles which are played.

  • The Narrator: Directs the game as it plays out. At the end of the game gives a comedic retelling of the events.
  • Cupid: Chooses two players the first night to be in love with each other. They have to survive together (if one dies the other one does as well).
  • Werewolf: Each night chooses someone to devour.
  • Witch: Knows which person is to die, and can choose to save them with a potion.
  • Hunter: Is able to kill the werewolf, as determined by the citizens. If killed, can choose someone to die with them.
  • Citizen: Votes to have someone killed as a suspected werewolf. (Also keeps a list of all suspected werewolves, and tries them in a public senate hearing).

Depending on how large the group is you may have several wolves and numerous citizens. When I played the game with my son, there were only five of us. Each person took a role, and the game played out very quickly.

Hillbilly is the Witch because in the first Halloween comic, he dressed up as a witch. Curly Gal is the Werewolf, because she has the wildest appearance. Tie is the Narrator, because there is no place for a man wearing a tie in a fairy tale story. Normally the couple would die together in grief, but in this case (as the narrator) I decided not to do that.

The full 4 part story can be downloaded as a single high resolution version.


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