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posted by : Jon Kroupa on 02/18/2011
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Usually I make a blog post on a story arc the day of the last comic. Unfortunately I totally forgot to write one and post it, so here it is. Half of this post is derived from emails between my family members discussing the comics.

During the email discussion my brother Dave sent me this:

On a side note I would like to mention that I am reminded of the time I entered a pun contest. Each person could enter ten puns of his or her choice and I chose what I thought were my best ten. I was pretty hopeful that at least one of them would win but, alas, no pun in ten did.

This pun is vastly superior to anything I could have written.

I am not very good with puns, despite coming from a family who appears to love bad puns. The Cantaloupe Antelope pun is probably the best one I've ever done. While I eventually came up with an answer to the sea turtle astronaut question, a real answer I might add, when I originally wrote it I just took two things that I knew I wouldn't have to explain, because Guy was going to interrupt before the answer was given.

This is a common writer's trick* in which they write something that cannot be explained, throw it out to the masses, and then never even apologize for it. For examples I refer you to every episode of Heroes, Lost, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

*This trick is often referred to as "bad writing."

Meanwhile, back near the story arc... Originally I was going to have Tie Guy come back wearing a bowtie, interview for the position, but then reveal himself as Tie Guy when he starting saying puns again. Unfortunately I was not able to successfully draw a bowtie, which is a little sad, both for the story, and about me. So I changed it to use Hillbilly instead. Now we will never know if that alternate ending would have been better.

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