Pyramid Of Lies


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Tie: I like this pyramid diet, you don't have to worry about limiting yourself.
Guy: Oh, so you aren't finding it difficult to have the basic foods at the bottom and limit the upper foods?
Tie: Why would I do that? I built a pyramid with a foundation of twinkies and red vines. I'm living the dream.

© Jonathan Kroupa 2011
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Reference Link: Harvard Food Pyramid

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Harvard Food Pyramid

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 05/15/2011

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The Diet:

This week I tried to follow the principles of the food pyramid as defined by Harvard.

The Experience:

I don't typically have a lot of food around, and even less so with my erratic dieting habits of late. Monday morning I realized I had no food, so I had plain oatmeal. When I say plain I mean literally it was water, oats, and heat. This was a very sad breakfast, I think it might have been better to have starved instead.

Since the base food level of the pyramid is fruits, vegetables, oils, and whole wheats, which is what I focused on eating throughout the week. I limited my dairy intake. Monday and Tuesday I had chicken and brown rice for dinner.

Wednesday my work had a special bbq, I fudged a little on the diet and had some chocolate cake. It wasn't as delicious as I would have hoped after having abstained from chocolate cake for quite some time.

Thursday I was tired of brown rice and decided that it was time to try making some bread from scratch. I've never made bread before, my neighbor was good enough to give me a recipe. The original recipe was for white flour. I figured white and wheat flour, straight across one to one relationship right? Turns out not quite. If you use as much wheat flour as white flour your bread will come out with qualities closely resembling a brick. And that is sort of how my bread came out.

Despite what was probably way too much flour the bread was still edible, and I snacked on it for the rest of the week. It is the most bread I've had in quite some time, and considering the qualitity of the bread, I wish it had been better.

Friday and Saturday I once again had chicken with brown rice. I ate a lot of fruit over the week, mostly bananas, oranges, and apples. I did also have some strawberries.

The Result:

I ended up gaining a pound this week. Which is the first week I haven't lost any weight. Next week I will be doing the South Beach diet, which is a type of to low-carb diet. It allows dairy and has a few other differences, such as no high fat meats. I'm hoping I can start getting back into the weight loss mode.

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