Special Sweet Tooth


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Guy: The Special K cereal is pretty high in suger.
Guy: I think the only real weight loss will be with lost teeth.
Nerd: Probably not a good diet for Hillbilly then.

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A Very Special K

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 07/10/2011

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The Diet:

The Special K diet is very similar to Slim Fast. Breakfast and lunch are bowls of cereal, with 2 snacks in the day. Dinner is intended to be something sensible. The objective (as almost all diets) is low calorie, if you limit your dinner to 500 calories or less you will be in the 1200 - 1500 range.

The Experience:

It was a disappointing week for weightloss, but I can't blame it all on the diet. Monday morning I tried to start off with the right foods, but given the holiday things fell apart. I'm pretty sure I ate around 50,000 calories Monday evening. The rest of the week I stuck pretty well to the diet but was not enjoying any weight loss.

I enjoyed having the Special K with chocolate bits, and granola "with a touch of honey." It is possible there was only a touch of honey in that granola, but the corn syrup and sugar made up for it. This made it distractingly sweet, it was almost too much, which is a strange thing for me to say. It seems like all of their cereal products have a lot of sugar. This is not exactly good for me, because my body loves to convert devoured sugar into fat. My body is so good at this I can even do it in my sleep.

The Result:

So I didn't lose any weight this week, despite jogging over 25 miles and hiking over 10. That can be a very discouraging thing. Hopefully I've just hit another weightloss plateau and a significantly different diet will help me continue to lose fat and weight in the coming weeks.

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