What Is In A Name Anyways


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Tie: I think you should try this Every Other Day diet, it is quite modern.
Guy: Ah so I only have to diet half of the time, I think I might enjoy that.
Tie: Don't get too hung up on the name, really we'd like you diet every day for every meal. It just sounds easier than other diets. 

© Jonathan Kroupa 2011
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Every Other Day

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 07/17/2011

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The Diet:

The Every Other Day Diet does not quite live up to its name. If you read the actual literature for the diet you will find it is not so much every other day so much as every day all the time. You allow yourself 'coupons,' perhaps one a day or every other day, to eat a normal guilt free meal. The rest of the time is eating simple low fat meals such as apples and almonds.

The Experience:

On YouTube you can find some testimonials of people who have done the diet, and they appear to suffer from some of the same madness that all strict dieters seem to bear. They boast of the flexibility of the diet and how they are going to enjoy something normal like pizza, until you learn it is a vegetarian pizza made with a special crust and sodium free tomato sauce with no cheese. Much like Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe, they seem so willing to compromise on their senses and pretend that they are enjoying the same thing as everyone else.

I chose instead to pursue what I felt was a more honest "every other day" diet, in which I would have a very low calorie day, followed by a normal calorie day. I attempted to stick to 1000 / 2000 calories each alternating day. I did this with limited success.

Monday I had roughly 900 calories, which wasn't too difficult as I was just coming off a rather large eating binge from Sunday. Tuesday I had around 2000 calories. Wednesday I was quite hungry, and was barely able to hold myself to around 1100 calories. Thursday was similar to Tuesday. On Friday I started low calorie but then had an evening with friends and ended up eating for more than I should have, so I swapped Friday with Saturday. On Saturday I had around 900 calories. That comes to an average of 1483 calories a day, if I required a normal 2000 calorie diet that would mean I should have nearly lost 1 pound.

The Result:

I ended up losing 3 pounds this week, which I received well, considering I had lost nothing from the previous diet. While I am sure my rationing contributed, I have a suspicion that it may have also had something to do with the fact that I jogged 31 miles this week. On two separate occasions I weighed myself just before jogging and just after I returned. In the miserable summer heat I had lost 4-5 pounds each time. Of course that is just water weight, but it takes some energy to sweat. All this jogging was made very difficult particularly on the low calorie days.

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