Cottage Cheese Diet

posted by : Jon Kroupa on 12/18/2011
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The Diet:

Eat nothing but cottage cheese, fruits, and vegetables. Try to have cottage cheese at every meal.

The Experience:

December is traditionally a very difficult month to lose weight in. This is because a large fat man in a red suit will pin you down and force eggnog down your thoat. Also a guy named Santa Claus loves chocolate.

Each day was mostly the same in the begining, I would have some cottage cheese for breakfast and lunch, snack on fruits, vegetables, or low-sodium v8 during the day, and then everything would fall apart in the evening.

Monday in the evening I went to Sizzler with a friend, but I tried to keep myself to two large plates of salad (with cottage cheese). I also had a little ice cream an a couple of small brownies.

Tuesday was my work Christmas party during lunch, I again had two large plates of salad, and small desert. Later in the evening I had a bunch of low sodium v8 and more cottage cheese.

Wednesday I had maybe 16 ounces of cottage cheese during the day, and some fruit. I had dinner with my family that evening (no cottage cheese was served). At the dinner I had a large bowl of salad, but also over-indulged in taco soup and corn bread. The corn bread had been enhanced with sugar, so it was closer to being cake.

Thursday when I got home from Aikido I was starving, and I ended up eating several pieces of sliced cheese, and a couple of peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly).

Friday I drank 64 ounces of low-sodium v8, and had 24 ounces of cottage cheese. That evening I went to a Christmas party, where I had a ham, rolls, ice cream, chocolate candies, salad, and more chocolate candies. To top it off I then had some chocolate candies.

Saturday I was out of cottage cheese and hope. I had some apple sauce and candy (not together), in the evening I went to another Christmas party at a Japanese restaurant, where I had chicken teriyaki, miso soup. a small asian salad, and a bowl of rice. Later in the evening I had some milk chocolate chips, and a candy bar.

People will tell you that you can mix just about anything with cottage cheese and it will still be good. Now I don't want to say that these people are liars, but I do think they are intentionally making a false statement with deliberate intent to deceive you.

Monday I tried some chocolate whey protein with cottage cheese, this was a terrible terrible mistake. I had only a few bites before I was forced to throw it away. Wednesday on the suggestion of several people I tried mixing a little apple sauce with the cottage cheese. While this didn't make gag, it wasn't exactly tasty either. This ended my experimentation of mixing things with cottage cheese.

The Result:

I ended up only gaining 1.8 pounds this week, quite amazing, considering all the Christmas cheer.

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